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6 Inch Cake Pan

This 6 Inch cake pan set of 2 pp chef's stainless steel round baking layer pans are just what you need to get your cooking on, these pans are effortless to clean and are enticing for non-stick baking. Plus, the raised borders on the pan help to prevented sticking and makes clean up a breeze.

Stainless Steel Round Cake Pans

This is a set of two stainless steel round cake pans that you can use to make a variety of dessert recipes, the pans are appropriate for all types of cake, from the firm and classic, to the cake recipe. The pans are also silicone free and can be made to suit any recipe, this 3-piece round cake pan set includes two 6 and eight aluminum pans. The sets come with a cake pan and spinner, they are also aside from being stainless, they also have a silicone grip which makes it uncomplicated to handle. This aluminum round cake pan is a sterling size for deep-fried snacks, politico articles, and even cake, it's comfortable to hold and its four panels make it effortless to clean. Plus, the fat addendum offers extra yearnings for baking adventures, the 6 Inch cake pan set of 4 round baking pan pp chef stainless steel birthday is a top-rated surrogate to get a round cake pan in the heart of your kitchen. This set includes an 3-crate design with pp surface and a small, tall cake pan that is 2, 8 inches wide. The cake pan can be used to place a round cake in place of a regular cake pan and can be used as an Inch cake pan, the large cake pan is better for place a large round cake in place of a regular cake pan. The small, tall cake pan is for use with large round in place of a regular cake pan.