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Dog Bone Cake Pan

The Dog Bone shape silicone mold is sterling for making non-stick cake pans from Dog bones! This mold makes it effortless to create shapes from Dog bones with ease! Plus, the non-stick coating will never let your cake and is sensational for admirers trying to clean up afterwards.

Bone Shaped Cake Pan

This Bone shaped cake pan is valuable for making bread or cake, the first-rate size for baking in the oven or in the kitchen, wilton 5-cavity Dog Bone cookie biscuit baking mold non-stick pan gives a comfortable hold and is manufactured from durable metal. It can be placed in the oven or made into a Dog bowl with a few simple steps! This Dog Bone shaped cake pan is valuable for making birthday cake products! It is fabricated of silicone, making it facile to clean and durable, the Bone shaped cake pan also comes with an org for adding your favorite Dog to your cake. The Dog Bone cake pan peerless for either birthday candles or chocolates! This mold is fabricated of silicone and gives a comfortable reach for your pet's body, the pan also features a stylish, modern design and basic to set up. The pan is straightforward to clean and can be customized to your liking with your favorite decorating solution, this Dog Bone cake pan is sensational for making any custom cake too! You can choose to have a shape that is familiar or new to you, such as a s'more or cake. The pen is furthermore reversible, with a pink or blue pen, this pan is puissant for pet-eared cakes or any cake that needs a bit more structure than a traditional cake pan can provide.