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Lodge Mini Cake Pan

This Lodge Mini cake pan is enticing for your delicious cup of coffee! It's made and presents a carbon fiber top to ensure even baking without any damage, plus, the cast iron technology makes it uncomplicated to cook your rounds of cupid's bow.

Lodge Mini Cake Pan Recipes

The Lodge Mini cake pan is an enticing alternative to get your baking done in little amount of time, this cast iron cake pan is an outstanding size for these new tag. It gives an 7-slot size and is fabricated it is likewise made of plastic, this cake pan is prime for people who desire to try out lodge's Mini baking. This is a first-class Mini cake pan for lovers who yearn to make cake or an 9 the Lodge Mini cake pan grants an 7-by-7-inch surface and it is fabricated of metal, it is uncomplicated to clean and it comes with a billet aluminum frame. This Lodge Mini cake pan is unequaled for baking industrially crafted biscuits or it offers an 7-1/2-inch capacity and is fabricated of 0, 25-inch-thick metal. It is then fitted with a billet of 15-inch tall metal, the pan is finished with a layer of white silicone on which is written the company's name. Heavy-gauge metal rim, the pan is sure to outlast you! This Lodge Mini cake pan is exceptional for baking rounds, laminates or cupcakes. The practical size for either a biscuits or corncob bread pan.