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Mini Cake Pans

Mini cake pans are splendid surrogate ton get your baking desires out of bed early! These sets provide you with all the features and functionality you need to get your business running efficient and efficiently, with different colors and styles to choose from, these sets make a fantastic addition to kitchen.

3 Inch Mini Cake Pans

This 12-cup cheesecake pan is a delicious chicago metallic color, it measures 12 inches wide and there are 12 inch removable pan pieces. This pan is top-rated for the novice cook or the professional in your kitchen, this new, fun and 24 cup silicone cake mold is a first-rate addition to your baking space. Not only is it non-stick washable, but it also provides a nice scale-like design that makes it uncomplicated to measure out your cake batter, and when you're done, it's easily cleanable - just remove the wash it under the shower. This 3 inch deep cake pans is first-class for baking cupcake pizzas or cake returns, the sleek design means that you'll be able to see how many cupcakes are in each pan without having to count them. The unique design also means that there's no longer is need to worry about how to clean the pan - just use the dishwasher, the Mini layer cake pans are back and better than ever before! This year we’ve brought back the pumpkin mix cake pan and Mini cake pans to our new vanished products page. These new Mini layer cake pans are splendid for your next pumpkin decorating event, uber Mini layer cake pan 3 -pumpkins 3 ghost bake cook digging for an unique and fun alternative for your next pumpkin decorating event? Look no further than the Mini layer cake pans! These little machines are sensational for any event, whether you want to do the traditional cake or just add a little bit of spice to your decor. Uber the Mini layer cake pans are sterling for any pumpkin decorating event.